The Priced Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses, Managed Cloud vs Unmanaged Cloud

Managed Cloud Vs Unmanaged Cloud Computing Models

Since the start of this century, cloud computing has expanded more than any other computer technologies. Cloud computing can be utilized to provide access to banking, health care, education etc. Apart from all such fields, one sector that is constantly reaping benefits of this cutting edge technology is the IT sector. Since its implementation there have always been changes enabling smarter and better business infrastructure delivery models. Did you ever think of the answer for managed cloud vs unmanaged cloud? In this article we help you understand the underlying differences between these two models.

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Every organization, while adopting the cloud comes to this point where they’ll have to choose between a managed cloud vs unmanaged cloud infrastructure delivery model (IaaS). The choices will certainly have to depend upon a lot of criteria (say, the work load the business in planning to move to the cloud).

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Managed Cloud vs Unmanaged Cloud

  • Managed Cloud:

A company can choose to manage the cloud all by itself. For this, it hires experts who could handle all the complex issues related to the infrastructure, tools and applications. The other way around it can also manage across multiple cloud service providers. The other option is it can entrust all this cloud storage into the hands of a single storage provider. The third case where-in-which the entire cloud structure is handled by one trusted service provider is the managed cloud.

The benefit is that, businesses can tap the entire power of the cloud computing technology without actually becoming experts in that field. This indirectly benefits businesses to concentrate harder on their core products and applications. They can simply stay fast and protected without having to spend a lot of money and time in hiring experts who can manage the cloud.

In the managed cloud model, the cloud provider takes care of customers computing, operating systems, storage, networks and also several complex tools and tasks in proper maintenance of the cloud infrastructure.

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  • Unmanaged Cloud:

In the unmanaged delivery model, there aren’t so many privileges as with a managed cloud model. In this case, customers rent infrastructure resources from bigger cloud storage providers (say Amazon, Google etc.) The believed benefit with such a model is that customers can pay much lesser for the infrastructure than what they will have to for a managed cloud. Usually in this cloud model there are several hidden costs which almost go unnoticed. Because maintaining a cloud atleast demands engineers with good understanding of the cloud.

Business and several organizations could be self-sufficient enough and order only the most required  computer, network and storage they require. Hence many organizations choose this cloud model for development and testing several applications. In our opinion the better model for your needs can be best selected if you are clear with what you want.

Which cloud storage model do you prefer to be the best? Write us your answers and suggestions in the comments box below.

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