This Is How To Maximize Your Cloud Storage Utilization

There are many popular network of servers which allows people to easily save and store data from their devices . From iCloud to Google Drive, there is a huge list of options to store all your files. In this age of technology , it’s incredibly easy to over-fill your cloud storage to the point that it has no room left. Considering that these services are not free , it is essential to get the most out of them . And also Win free space to store photos strategically , there are a couple of easy things you can do to maximize your cloud space.

Way To Maximize Your Cloud Storage Utilization:

1. To Store Your Music :

How To Maximize Your Cloud Storage ?

Depending on the service you are using, you may find some discounts or offers out there . For Apple users , iTunes Match is the best way to store their files . This service allows users to upload their entire libraries to their iCloud account . It costs around $ 25 a year and allows you to access your music across all devices. Google Play allows users to add up to 20 thousand songs to their servers when the Music Manager service is used.

2. To Store Your Videos And Photos :

How To Maximize Your Cloud Storage ?

Carousel a video and photo application developed by Dropbox offers their users a pretty neat deal. If you are already using a basic Dropbox account (which generally offers 2 GB of storage) , if you download Carousel for your photos then you will get an extra 3 GB of storage.

3. Selective Sync :

Generally cloud users will upload all their files to the cloud without thinking . But, that is a quick way to run out of space . Depending on the service you use, you can pick and choose which things to be uploaded .

How To Maximize Your Cloud Storage ?

For example , Dropbox gives their users an option known as Selective Sync , which allows users to choose exactly which files are to be uploaded in the cloud storage.

4. Get All Your Files To A Single Platform :

If your files are all over the place – like your music on iCloud , photos and videos on Dropbox and documents on the google drive , then a service known as ” mainstreaming ” is a useful organizing tool.

This tool collects all the files in the cloud, no matter where they are stored , and load them as an all in one package. You can access your files from anywhere, in one place . One user unit costs around $ 50.

5. Win Free Cloud Space :

If you really do not want to open your wallet to get more space in Dropbox, there is an alternative . The site allows users to make more space if they complete tasks ( I.e Giving reference to family and friends ) .

How To Maximize Your Cloud Storage ?

SugarSync storage service also offers a similar deal to their users, It provides up to 40GB of extra cloud storage space .

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