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Surface Dial Is A Stylish Puck That Controls New Microsoft PC

Microsoft recently announced its first all-in-one desktop computer called the Surface Studio. Along with this PC they have also showcased their new and innovative accessory and titled it as the ‘Surface Dial’.

The Surface Dial resembles a puck and makes its way onto the paint palette turning out to be an innovative tool for artists.

Microsoft has done a great work with this stylish accessory. Once you place this dial on the Surface Studio’s screen, you can see a radial menu popping out around it. These menus can be customised according to the app, much like the ‘Touch Bar’ in the latest Apple MacBook Pro 2016.

For example, when you are working with a painting app, different colours might pop out all around the dial. Similarly, custom menus can be created for other apps or simply used for navigating around the image.

The Surface dial takes clicks based on haptic feedback input and can be rotated to control the contents on the screen. Using the Surface Dial artists can operate with both hands thus giving them more of a natural experience.

microsoft surface dial

Microsoft says that there can also be simpler uses of this big puck (like for controlling volume) and expects apps to take great advantage of this fancy addition.

Plus, the Surface Dial is not just limited for use on Surface Studio, the all-in-one desktop computer but can also work with Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Along with the updated Surface Book i7, Surface Studio, the Surface Dial will also be on sale from November for $99. It is offered for free with preorders on the Surface Studio.

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