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Monitor The Activity Of Your Windows 10 With This Keylogger

A Keylogger is an application that installs and hides in the system in order to monitor all activity that takes place in the operating system. Basically it detects keystroke and mouse clicks and transcribe this information as a text file.

Although these applications can be related to malware, viruses or hackers, nothing is further from reality, as these are legal applications which can help us to know what is happening in our system and we can know if any one is acting on it maliciously or in any other way that we have not authorized.

One of the best Keyloggers with which we can count on is ‘Windows Spy Keylogger’, a free software, valid for Windows 10 and with which we can know what is happening in our computer very easily because it just has a few configuration options .

Monitors the activity of your Windows 10 with this Keylogger

Within the possible configuration , we have:

  1. Start the application on Windows startup
  2. Mode software protection
  3. Check for updates when the application starts

Besides that we can set the path where the monitored log has to be saved, as well as the file name.

Monitors the activity of your Windows 10 with this Keylogger

And a little more we can add about this application is that it is very basic and very focused on monitoring our systems performance , and very few configuration options, making it a very simple and practical alternative that any user can use without any problems.

Therefore, if you are interested in monitoring your computer through a Keylogger, please try this good option that meets the basic requirements that any user will search for.

Windows Spy Keylogger | Download

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