How Much Money Can You Earn From Adsense Or Affiliate advertising?
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How Much Money Can You Earn From Adsense Or Affiliate advertising?

One of the questions asked in too many cases is how much can I earn on a website through Adsense / Affiliate advertising?

However, there is no single answer to this question because it depends on so many factors. If you are new to affiliate marketing then visit my previous article on ” Beginner Guide on Affiliate Marketing “.

Factors That Decide Your Earning From Adsense / Affiliate advertising :

Starting a website, in principle, is the same as starting any other business. Earnings depend on a combination of factors:

  1. The amount of competition in your market
  2. How well you market your website
  3. How many targeted visitors you can get into your website
  4. What are you trying to sell through your website
  5. Whether you can write content that sells

There is tremendous difference in how much people earn on their websites

The large variety of products sold and different concepts for websites make it impossible to pinpoint how much you can earn.

For example, a website with 100 visitors a month may serve more than a website with 10,000 visitors a month. It all depends on how many targeted visitors are visiting your website and what they do once they arrive at the site.

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Set a personal goal and work towards achieving it

Is your goal to earn 1000-3000 dollars per month on a website? It can be done easily. It requires you to chose the right niche to write about and work with focus.

Initially, your earnings will be extremely limited, but if you continue doing the good work the earnings will surely come with time.

If you use your time right, in my assessment the earnings of 1000-3000 dollars per month can be achieved within six months.

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But again it depends on how much time you spend and how you spend your time. Someone could be faster while others may have to spend more time. But it is absolutely possible.

Start by familiarising yourself with a personal goal and work towards it. To keep you on top of it, write those targets down and hang these sheets where you can see it. Then you can increase the chances of reaching your goal significantly.

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Starting an online business is easy and especially cheap

However, there are numerous benefits of starting business online. As you can read on this site, it costs almost nothing to get started. There are no fixed working hours and the potential of having a good and thorough website will only increase with time.

Note that it may take a while to digest the business rules and is rare to hit correctly the first time. Like every business has its own tricks, online business requires affiliate advertising/marketing knowledge to achieve the best results. You can only get this knowledge by yourself sitting with it.

Once you have found a concept that works, there is only one way forward and that is to do even more of it and be consistent. Having 1 or 10 websites cost virtually the same, so it’s just to get started and doing things right.

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Your Thoughts

Now that you understand a lot of important aspects of Affiliate Marketing, are you willing to get started with it? If you are already into it, share with us your experiences in the comments section below.

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