How To Optimize Content To Get Better Rankings In Google

How To Optimize Content To Get Better Rankings In Google

Is it really important to Optimize Content ? Of course Yes. It is very important to optimize your website and also all the individual articles correctly from the beginning. If you don’t write search engine friendly contents from the start, it can be very extensive to correct these problems later. The content is your website’s soul and heart – so make sure that your Content is well Optimized for search engines.

How To Optimize Content To Get Better Rankings In Google

Things To Remember When You Optimize Content

Placing Keywords In Your Content

The keywords you use in your articles tells the search engines what your page is about. Want to know more about how to find some good keywords you can read more in the following article Go for long tail keywords and get more visitors to your website .

It is important that every article on your site has the primary keywords placed in the right places. Where are the right places so?

  • Title tag is the most important on-page optimization factor when it comes to search engine optimization. Always make sure to place your keywords in the title of your page. Many other factors also weighed in, but no matter what your title is going to look, just make sure that your keywords are there. At least if you want the given article immediately to be found in search engine results. In WordPress fill in the Title field under WordPress SEO by Yoast.

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  • Meta description is also a powerful tag in no way be overlooked. It is what the search engines choose to show in your description tag in the search results. Therefore, enter a description that sells your content best. In WordPress you can add this in thr description field of WordPress SEO by Yoast.
  • In your document names (URL) you should also include your keywords. This also helps the search engines understand what your article is about. In WordPress this will be partly automatic, WordPress adds your article title as your URL by default. Make sure to customize the URL with no stop words.
  • Your headings on the page is also important and should be an h1 tag. This will also automatically done in WordPress if you use the standard theme – as We said, WordPress is a good choice for your own website.
  • The Content of your article should also have your keywords represented. Place your keywords in the text where it seems natural. Optionally, make some important keywords in bold or italics.

Optimize each of your pages from one to three keywords. No titles, urls or descriptions must be equal. Each and every document on your site should be unique! In this way, your chances of being found in search engines are much larger than usual.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization – Links From Other Websites

In order to get good rankings, it is also important to work things that are beyond your own website. Links from other websites tells search engines how important your pages are. To have good incoming links are the single most powerful way to get better rankings in search engines. You can read more about the links under What is a good link from another website?

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