Popup Search, the new feature of Opera for fast internet searches
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Popup Search, the new feature of Opera for fast internet searches

We are used to see how programs and elements characteristic of computers adapted to mobile devices, but sometimes it also happens the other way round: we always see things on tablets and smartphones make the leap to the desktop software .

This is the case of Search Popup , a new feature included in the developer version of Opera 40 , which shows a small popup in the browser when text is selected – identical to that usually seen in mobile operating systems .

From this popup, it is possible to copy the selected text or start a search on the Internet with it automatically, in a new tab.

It is, as we say, a feature still in beta testing , including the developer versionĀ of the browser. Opera makes this version available to software programmers who need it as a testbed for their creations, and also for advanced users wanting to test new features before they reach the final version.

What advantages does this popup have ? Simply, do Internet searches from a given text faster . The standard way to do this in Opera (or any other browser) so far is to select the term in question, right click and in the menu that appears, choose the search option.

With the Search Popup, search actions and copy to the clipboard are almost immediate , because they appear under the mouse cursor around and for selecting the text you just have to click.

How to enable or disable Popup Opera Search

Popup Search, the new feature of Opera for fast internet searchesThis feature is enabled by default in Opera 40 for developers, and this may represent a small inconvenience : you can not use the context menu on the selected text since this menu interferes with the immediacy of Search Popup.

Of course, there are things in the context menu of a selected text that may interest us, such as the option to inspect the item or send it to print.

Therefore, Search Popup can easily be disabledĀ  from the settings Opera. Just go to opera: // settings / into your browser, choose “Browser” option in the left sidebar to scroll until you find the “User Interface” section. Here you see the option “Enable the search popup on Selecting text”.

From here you can keep it active if you find it useful, or disable it at any time if you prefer the classic browser context menu.

Download Opera Developer Browser: Click Here

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