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Here Are All the Pros and Cons In Liquid Cooling Your Computer

Liquid Cooling is a technique through which heat from the components can be discarded; thereby preventing any damage to other components.

It is certainly more effective than the Air Cooling (with help of fans) which is more popular. In this article we discuss with you the pros and cons in liquid cooling.

If you are new to this concept, you can get more information about what exactly liquid cooling is from the article – Liquid Cooling: What is it??

Some of the Pros in Liquid Cooling

1. The use of fans could cool components to a certain extent. But the liquid cooling technique enables you to completely suck the heat out of the components to which the water blocks are attached to. Hence the degree to which components are cooled is much larger in this case.

2. For those who love overclocking their chips and testing the limits of your computers, heat would never be a problem in the future.

3. If you stop whatever you are doing and concentrate, you can hear the sound made by the fan. As the number of fans increases, the more will the sound output. With help of a liquid cooling system you can get rid of that entire nuisance.

4. It’s not only about the noise; it’s also about the space consumed. Setting up more fans means, obviously increasing the size of the case. But a small self contained liquid cooling system you don’t have to go for big cases.

5. The aesthetic appeal these tubes bring to the interior of your case is amazing. You would just want to leave the case open for how attractive it looks.

Cons With Liquid Cooling

1. The high cost is surely a bit of a concern. Instead of investing in a liquid cooling system, you could get yourself high end CPU coolers.

2. Also you have to be double careful about the quality of the cooling system you are purchasing. You can’t simply buy one and end up killing all your components due to a leak or crack.

3. The maintenance is also something which needs to be very well taken care of. Without regular maintenance you really could get into trouble.

4. The designing aspect is also a real head-ache. You need to clearly have an idea about the dimensions of each and every chip, and PCB. Only then can the water blocks function correctly and fit into your case without any issues.

5. The other big downside is the installation part. Especially for a newbie, it isn’t all that easy. You’ll certainly acknowledge the comfort levels in installing the fan and heat sink setup!

6. The other major drawback is that you must be perfectly aware of how much of a installation space you have. And if by chance it gets a little congested, you are in big trouble.

These are some of the pros and cons in liquid cooling your computer. So we conclude that though it is much efficient than air cooling, the various limitations it suffers are to be eliminated for large scale usage.

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