What Is Search Engine Optimization ? How To Master It

What Is Search Engine Optimization ? How Is It Useful To You

Basically, search engine optimization goes out to get the best possible rankings in search engine results. Since Google is estimated to have over 90% of all web searches, it is obvious that also you should primarily optimize your website for google.

The situation is such that the other search engines basically using the same parameters as Google, to place websites in their result lists.


As mentioned, some of the best traffic you can get to your website is through search engines. This is related to people who actually searched for something specific and clicked something from the result of their search.

If you optimized your site correctly, your content gets good rankings in search results and thereby send some extremely valuable visitors to your website – for free.

How Does Google Decide The Position Of Your Website In Search Results?

Google uses a variety of parameters when it comes to ranking websites. In fact, Google looks at more than 200 different parameters in order to give users the most relevant results in their search results.

The two most important parts of getting good rankings in Google is:

  1. Whether the website is built and structured properly for the search engines.
  2. Relevant, prominent and well-established sites linking to you with relevant link content.

How do I Configure My Website To Search Engines And Create Some Good Inbound Links?

  1. The first part of optimizing your website is to find the right keywords. Keywords are the words that users type into the search box in the hope that they can find the information they want. Whether a keyword is good or bad can be judged by three criteria. Read more in What is a good keyword?
  2. The next part of search engine optimization is to make sure your documents are organized and structured properly. What you should be aware of when writing and structuring your Content, you can read more about the Keyword Optimization of Content.
  3. The last and most extensive part of optimizing your website is getting good inbound links. Want to achieve good rankings in the search engines, you also need to look at factors that are beyond your side. You can read much more about the importance of links under good inbound links help you to top in Google.

Get Some Good Books On Search Engine Optimization

Since search engine optimization is a very vast subject, we look here on the side (to start with) only on the most important parts of search engine optimization. If you want all the details about search engine optimization then we recommend you to get some good books on search engine optimization.

If you follow the advice that you get here on OnlineCmag then you could probably achieve to get your site onto first page of Google. Also on keywords where there is high competition. But do not think it is easy, although it may seem simple it requires lots of time and a sharp focus.

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