Know What's Happening On Your Computer By Using Your Keyboard
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How Your PC Can Be Spied On Through Your Keyboard Keystrokes

There are times when for some reason we need to know what is going on with our computer, like say, what sites are being accessed more or just what content is being conveyed through the keyboard.

An application used for getting all such information is the ” keylogger “.  It’s only function is to capture all the keystrokes made ​​by the keyboard and send the log to a file or an email.

Spy On Your Computer By Using Your Keyboard Keystrokes

This practice may seem intrusive and perhaps you got it in a wrong way, that it could hamper our privacy. But here we are only intending to protect our PC by knowing what kind of pages are being accessed or what data is being deployed over the network with it.

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There are many applications that can perform this task, some of them are paid and the others are free but here we have picked out the best i.e. ” Revealer Keylogger “.

It offers the keystrokes monitoring system for free and also has a screenshot monitoring system which is available with the paid version.

Its operation is as simple as clicking on Start button to start the recording and to stop it, just click on the Stop button which is beside the start button. It also gives you a privilege to save the log file as txt or as html format.

These Are The Special Features Of This Keystrokes Monitoring Software

  1. It can detect the keystrokes in any language.
  2. A simple anti-keylogger can not detect its presence.
  3. It is password protected.
  4. It is always operated in an invisible window, which is only displayed when a special keystoke is made i.e something like ” ctrl + alt + f9 “.
  5. It will automatically start when the system is booted.
  6. It is to be noted that this application and other similar applications can only be installed on your computer with administrative privileges.

Softonic | Revealer Keylogger

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