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Top 10 Things You Should Know While Designing Your Website

When you are redesigning or newly designing your website it is important that you focus on the right areas. We have therefore compiled a list of 10 important points so that you can build the best website design for you.

1) The design of your blog is very important

Both here and on countless other websites, it has been told how important good content is to your website. “Content is king” is one of the most used phrases when it comes to creating a good website. But this does not change the importance of design of your website.

Designing your website to perfection is extremely important as this the first thing your users notice. Looking at a poorly constructed website users tend to go away in few seconds – and then the quality of content within your website doesn’t matter.

2) Restrict yourself and focus on these most important things while designing your website

If you’re not careful, your website can easily become cluttered. Make sure your website doesn’t have too many menus and items that distract users from the what they are coming to your site for at the first place. Find out what is most important for users of your website and cut the rest of the sections away.

Time and again websites get to this point where there’s lot of content scattered and lot of maintenance comes into play. This is because based on which areas of your websites visitors are deriving more value from, you need to highlight them better.

It is important to get users to sign up for the newsletters, follow videos and buy e-books. To get their attention use nice graphics and thoughtful headlines. Remove all the items you do not see as absolutely necessary they might only be causing more damage than good.

3) Make your blog or website personalized with a picture on the front page

A picture of yourself is an easy way to make your website unique and personal. If you set a profile picture it shows seriousness. At the same time, users like to see who it is communicating and remember you by your face. If you are not a single person blog then make sure you have an About Us page like we do.

4) A good logo can help establish your brand

A great way to get your website design to stand out from the crowd is by having a great logo. At the same time a logo can help to strengthen your brand and show users that your website is unique.

5) The color of your website is important

Colors give very different expressions and affects us as people. It is therefore a good idea to spend some time researching what colors best match what you want to express within your website. Orange, for example. associated with pulsating energy and play. Blue on the other hand associates with loyalty, peace, equality and credibility.

6) Design a great footer

You are probably thinking what’s the point in designing a good footer, no one is watching the bottom of my website. But it is surprising how many people actually look at the bottom of your website. Therefore, use some time to create a good ending to your website.

7) The menus on your website are important

Studies have shown that one of the things we tend to look at when we come into a website is the menu. Therefore, choose your menu items carefully and make sure as far as possible to describe the sections they link to. Feel free to use keywords in your menu items as it both tells users and Google what sections your website is all about.

8) Make sure that your website is responsive

Today, on average, over 40% of all traffic to websites is from mobile devices. However, it is far from reality that all the sites appear correctly on iPads and mobile phones. Make sure that your website is responsive and thus appears correctly on all devices. Research on the best responsive WordPress themes and get one.

9) Design your site so that it is optimized for search engines

Some of the very best visitors come from Google search results. If you want success with your website targeted traffic is extremely important. Hence there is no way around this. Don’t miss out to optimize your website to the search engines.

10) You can not make all people happy

No matter how much time you spend on your design, you can not make all people happy. Everyone is different and each have their opinion. Therefore, use the advice you find most useful and implement these.

The worst thing you can do while designing your website is making changes continuously. Follow the right steps and that’s it. Don’t get too bothered by whether the chosen design is right. Remember that the definition of a good design website is the ease with which your visitors find value rather than how dynamically coloured your website is. After all, great web design if of little use without good content.

Your Thoughts

Website Redesigning could be really tiresome, we understand. And yes all that hard work will pay once your visitors enjoy using your website. So never compromise on user-experience. Share with us your website designing experiences, or any additional aspects to keep note of while going for the kill.

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