How to Crash Your Computer using batch file
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Here Are Top 3 Ways To Crash A Computer

For whatever may be the reason, if you want to crash your computer then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be discussing three top ways to crash a computer.

In my opinion, the best practice to crash a computer is by using a batch file. This is particularly because it will not harm or cause any irrecoverable damage to your computer like the remaining methods.

Go take utmost care and do write us your experiences at the end of the article.

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Steps To Crash A Computer

Method 1

Step 1: Go To Start Menu.

Step 2: Click On Run.

Step 3: Type ” Regedit ” in the run dialog box.

How to Crash a Computer using batch file

Step 4: Click OK. Now you will be taken to a registry editor.

Step 5: Under the ” My computer ” option you will find the following folders:

How to Crash a Computer using batch file


These are called the registry root keys and you can learn more about them here.

Step 6: Open all the above-mentioned folders.

Step 7: Click on ” Delete all the registries “.

How to Crash a Computer using batch file

Step 8: Restart your System.

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Method 2

Step 1: Open the Notepad and paste the code given below.

crash a computer using batch file

start %0

Step 2: Save the file with ” .bat ” extension and file type to all.

crash a computer using batch file

Step 3: Run the ” OnlineCmag.bat ” file to crash your computer.

Step 4: Finished.

Method 3 

This method is quite similar to the above one, but it does not open any programs or windows, making it much more discreet.

Step 1: Copy and paste the below code into a Notepad.

crash a computer using batch file

@echo off
goto A

Step 2: Save it as a batch file with ” .bat ” extension. That’s It.

Important Tips:

=>You should log into the computer as an administrator.
=>If you want to recover your PC,  Then just start your computer in a safe mode.

If you observe your computer crashing with or without your intervention, you can always have the crash reports using this tool.

If You Have Tried Any Of These Methods Do Share With Us Your Experiences In Form Of Comments …

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      Yes, Without which OS may prompt you for a password. I recommend you to go through my article on how to hack windows from guest account to run this crash as an administrator.

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