This Is Why You Should Update Your Antivirus Software

What Happens If You Don’t Update Your Antivirus Software – Find Out Now

Do you know that around 6000 new computer viruses are being developed each day?  Do you know how antivirus software protects you from viruses? What updating your antivirus software means? Or that 90% of the e-mails on the Internet are malware containing?

Since you wanted to know why you should update your antivirus, there are most chances that you don’t have an answer for the above questions.

We understand the pain in updating antivirus software every now and then, but, dear friend you aren’t left with any option.

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Someone who really understands this article will surely wait for new updates to be released by antivirus software; such is the advantage if you update your antivirus software regularly.

Why should you update your antivirus software?

The Internet has become a wild west; with tons and tons of malware present at different corners of it. To fight malware, there are just a handful of antivirus software companies.

Any antivirus software, irrespective of if you have purchased it or downloaded a free version over the Internet; continuously releases updates. These updates are nothing but added virus signature files and some software application developments.

An entire software company works on viruses that are introduced newly and develops methods to keep your computer/mobile safe from them.

This process is reiterated again and again. If you intend to keep your computer safe from any of these newly created viruses, the one thing you must do is to keep your antivirus software updated.

If in case your have installed an antivirus software long ago and haven’t updated it often since then, then its almost as good as not having an antivirus software itself.

Simply, your antivirus doesn’t have the capability to identify latest versions of malware and stays shut even when your system is being completely taken down by the virus infection.

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How Often Should You Update your Antivirus Software?

Mostly, unless you have altered all the antivirus software settings, your antivirus searches the web for new updates every time your computer/mobile is online.

Since they don’t have to download the entire software, the time required to get updated with these latest virus signatures won’t take long.

Anyways, the answer to this question is not unique but can be stated according to what type of a user you are.

First of all, do you have a permanent Internet connection? If so, then its better you look for updates every week.

If your internet usage is for work, with you receiving a lot of e-mail every day, then you must update daily. If you hardly use the internet, even this we recommend its better if you try an update once every two weeks.

If you hardly use the Internet, even then we recommend updating your Anti-virus software once every two weeks.

Your Thoughts

There actually are a good number of antivirus software to choose from out there. Now that you understand the basic principle underlying software updates in general, we suggest you turn on automatic updates. What do you say? Express your views in the comments section below. We love feedback!

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