What Is Windows Registry And Do Other Operating Systems Have One?
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What Is Windows Registry And Do Other Operating Systems Have One?

Windows Registry is the central database in your computer, which contains all the information of how your computer works. It includes information about all the applications, hardware and what not. But many computers are not much aware of what Windows Registry does and why it is only present in the Windows operating system. So, in this article OnlineCmag provides you all the necessary information you need about the Windows Registry.

What Is Windows Registry And Do Other Operating Systems Have One?

What exactly is the Windows Registry?

Registry is that big telephone directory your computer depends on for performing any action. It contains all the information required to run the hardware and software. Simply to quote it in one line, your computer constantly accesses the information present in the registry. The entire information is present in distinct binary system file mostly hidden.  Any error in the registry makes the computer blind-folded. So note that before making any changes to the Windows Registry make sure they are 100% correct.

How dangerous is it to mess up the registry?

You must have already got the essence of what registry means to the computer. The entire information in the Windows Registry is perfectly structured. But if you try and disturb the harmony, your computer won’t boot. Whatever the error maybe; if you have knowledge of how even a misplaced comma is a big issue in programming languages (which pops out lots of errors), so is the case with the windows registry. So in order to avoid ignorant people from making unnecessary changes to the registry, Windows has indeed taken a lot of steps. From hiding all the most important files to alarming people when and where required, Windows has always been increasing the robustness of the registry.

Why is it called Windows Registry? Don’t other operating systems have one?

The computer has to perform its duties irrespective of the operating system present. So files with such important information are present in any operating systems. In case of Windows operating systems, this information is collected and stored in one particular place called the Windows Registry. The other operating systems follow several other methods in safeguarding this crucial information.

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