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WordPress SEO – Ultimate Guide To Search Engine Optimization Of WordPress Blog

WordPress is easy to install no doubt about it, but before you begin to write, it is important to consider one great aspect i.e WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you choose not to search engine optimize your WordPress blog you stand far inferior in terms of getting free visitors from Google.

Is it really important to search engine optimize my blog?

Yes, and frankly it’s crazy not to spend some time on it. Google provide some of the best free visitors to your website. By optimizing your blog you will, in the long run, get far more visitors from Google.

A user who is Coming through a search to your blog will already have a specific goal in mind. Seeking the example. on “review of Samsung galaxy s3” has indirectly shown that they are interested in buying this phone. So in this case, if your blog is top on Google, then the chance for a visit and a subsequent conversion good.

Whether they choose to buy or not also depends on many other things on your site etc., But targeted visitors from Google provides a very good starting point for a sale or other action.

How do I optimize WordPress as possible to the search engines?

There are many different factors that come into play when it comes to the location of your blog in search engines. How Google evaluates the position of websites that are placed in the search results you can read more about in the section on search engine optimization.

However, three points where you can easily put in to give your blog post the best chances for good rankings in Google.

  1. Optimize your permalinks in WordPress
  2. Install a good WordPress SEO plugin
  3. Choose a WordPress theme that is SEO optimized

Optimization of permalinks makes your URLs search engine friendly

With the default installation of WordPress, your URLs are not optimal in terms of search engines.This is because they have a structure like this “http://www.onlinecmag.com/?=43”.

From this URL, neither search engines and your visitors can see what the blog post is about.

What we want is a structure like this “http://www.onlinecmag.com/wordpress-seo/”. In this way, all can clearly see what a particular page is about.

Besides this Google also assess the words in the URL to decide where your page should be placed in the search engines.

What is the best WordPress SEO plugin?

There is a myriad of plugins when it comes to WordPress SEO. One of the very best is “WordPress SEO by Yoast”. WordPress SEO allows you to optimize your meta tags including your page titles and descriptions.

In addition to this, WordPress SEO comes with many suggestions that will automatically optimize your blog posts even better.

This is valuable because it ensures that each of your blog posts has the best opportunities to get good rankings in Google.

I have previously used the “All in One SEO Pack” but the SEO plugin Yoast have made is simply much better. I am therefore moved to “WordPress SEO by Yoast” on all my blogs (10+).

Here are some of the other plugins that are must to have for Any WordPress blog or website.

Which WordPress themes are SEO optimized?

There are lots of free WordPress themes. The problem with many of these is that they are not optimized for the search engines.

You can get far by installing a good SEO plugin, but the theme you use also greatly helps to determine how well your blog will do in the search engines.

Genesis and Thesis are the two paid themes that are very well optimized for search engines and offers a wide range of other benefits.

These two themes are highly flexible and if you are serious about your blog then we warmly recommend. You get further details at the way to choose the best WordPress theme for your website.

By following these above said advises your blog will run much better than most blogs on the web. Many install WordPress without thinking about search engine optimization.

This is a big mistake as a search engine optimized blog might eventually attract several thousands of highly targeted visitors from Google.

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