This Is Why You Should Try The Dvorak Keyboard Layout
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This Is Why You Should Try The Dvorak Keyboard Layout

QWERTY for many decades now has been the most used keyboard layout. Most of us are very well accustomed to this layout and don’t even bother trying the other layouts. Well for your information there are also 6 other keyboard layouts which are famous at some parts of the world including: AZERTY, QWERTZ, DVORAK, COLEMAK, MALTRON, JCUKEN. In this article we show you should try the Dvorak keyboard layout.

This Is Why You Should Try The Dvorak Keyboard Layout

All The Various Reasons You Should Try The Dvorak Keyboard Layout:

#1 Dvorak Is Designed For Typists:

The QWERTY keyboard layout is developed as a solution for jamming typewriters. In this keyboard layout, the most struck keys are kept distant from each other. Due to this reason, the typist could type for longer strands without being obstructed because of a jammed typewriter.

But fortunately or unfortunately, this has become the standard typing layout with more and more people getting used to it. But, anyways, Dvorak layout is specially designed keeping in mind various aspects a typist requires.

Hence, the QWERTY is for typewriters and Dvorak is for typists. Now that the typewriters are almost obsolete, it’s time we changed for the better.

#2 QWERTY Is Slower Than Dvorak:

In the Dvorak keyboard layout, the home row is filled with the most used keys. Due to this there is almost a 70% of total strokes on home row in Dvorak keyboard layout when compared to QWERTY keyboards. Anyone who has a little idea about how fast typing works, would know that their first typing lesson is to rest all the fingers on the home row.

Due to closer-by arrangement of most frequently used keys, the distance the hands travel on the keyboard decreases significantly; thereby improving the typing speeds to a farther extent.

#3 The World Of Comfort Dvorak Keyboards Give You:

Now that the frequently used words appear in the home row, the distance your hands travel while typing reduces. This enables you to even type single-handed and thereby reaching out for keys like in QWERTY layout decreases.

This though may not look much significant but remember, it’s enough to keep you away from injuries like the repetitive stress injury. If you already suffer the symptoms of a repetitive stress injury, its high time you tried the Dvorak keyboard layout.

#4 Switching Away From QWERTY Is Easy:

Studies have always shown that typing on QWERTY is a bit tough compared to others. Also if you are exceptionally good with QWERTY keyboards, then the switching would be much easier for you. This is because Dvorak is much easier to learn than QWERTY.

It’s only that you haven’t tried anything new and stuck with the QWERTY layout, once you give a try at some other keyboard layouts like the Dvorak, you’ll surely understand what we are talking about. For this you have tons of online resources and typing tests. Do make sure atleast you give it a try. Who knows maybe you’ll like it, like many others do!

#5 You Make A Lot Lesser Mistakes:

In QWERTY keyboard layout you are sure to create more mistakes. It isn’t a myth but because of the factors like: having to reach out for keys, typing with your left hand, using the same finger to type multiple keys consecutively or so on.

All these go flat with the Dvorak keyboard layout and you’ll surely be more accurate with your typing once you get used to it.


You would have by now understood what you have been doing wrong all this while and looking to try out the Dvorak keyboard layouts. So, you don’t have to worry, there actually are manufacturers producing these keyboards. There is any possibility where you can change the default keyboard layout in the operating system controls, but it really isn’t much of a solution.

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